Marta Solà from Environmental Engineering and Management MSc programme is originally from Barcelona. She graduated from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) with the Bachelor’s in Biosystems Engineering.
During her Erasmus semester at Estonian University of Life Sciences Marta enjoyed Estonian higher education system and decided to come back to pursue a Master’s degree at TalTech.
About Marta’s experience in Estonia, contents of her programme and environmental issues in today’s interview.

Marta Solà

Starting from my Bachelor’s in Biosystems Engineering I understood that although it was not my initial plan I was on the right track with the engineering field. At the high school I took courses related to medicine and biology, but when I checked related Bachelor’s programmes I was seriously doubting if I was interested in following them.
At the same time I really liked Biology but also Math and Physics, which are all very suitable disciplines for engineering background. And so, upon my research I came across Biosystems Engineering programme at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) where I ended…

TalTech professor Samuel Pagliarini joined TalTech in August 2019 and brought a new research topic of Hardware Security with him. Since then he has been leading a Hardware Security research group at TalTech and in this semester will also teach a corresponding course.
About the notion and practical application of hardware security, importance of lab-based seminars, challenges of doing research in Estonia and more in the interview with Samuel.

Samuel Pagliarini

I studied Computer Engineering at my Bachelor’s and then followed a specialization course on how to design integrated circuits. In Estonia, there is no equivalent to this, but it is like a Master’s without a thesis, more or less. Afterwards one becomes a certified circuit designer. I did that and then I went to work in the industry. Nevertheless, after just half a year I realized it was not for me, I absolutely disliked the environment and how things were done, it didn’t make any sense to me and I started doing a Master’s degree part-time, working and studying.
After another…

Here is an overview of some of the most attractive districts of Tallinn and some activities you may want to try out. Prepared specially to inspire you to explore your new city. Have a look and make it yours.

City Centre and beyond

Cobbled streets and tiled roofs of Tallinn Old Town
Urban elegance with old history
Park, palace and art
City beach

In this large area you will find all those places you will want to start exploring in the first place in Tallinn. A tourist magnet, UNESCO World Heritage and a definite must see is Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town. Take your time, there are so many beautiful cobbled streets and old noble buildings that you must probably won’t cover it all in one visit. …

Elizabete Šterna from Latvia chose IT field right after secondary school and never regretted it ever since. Currently Elizabete is studying Cybersecurity MSc programme at TalTech and in today’s publication she will tell you everything you wanted to know about it — How to choose between Cybersecurity and more classic IT Master’s, how to succeed during entry test and interview, how to prepare for the first semester of studies, as well as what programming skills are expected. Let’s get straight down to it!

Elizabete Šterna from Latvia

In the secondary school I didn’t know exactly what to pursue but I had this idea of becoming a medical doctor so I actually studied for Biology and Chemistry state exam and even got accepted to medical studies at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU). But I was really not sure I was ready to study for so long.
Meantime, my secondary school is one of the best in Latvia so we had really strong math programme and all of that. I really liked math and I thought what I could do with it besides becoming a teacher. And then I thought of…

A story of Latvian in Estonia

After working as a Product Manager in Samsung Electronics Baltics in Riga, Latvia for the past three years Jana decided it was time to make some changes. While visiting her Estonian colleagues in Tallinn office she fell in love with the calm green city at the sea. Shortly after Jana found a new job and moved to Tallinn. But she didn’t stop there and also joined Digital Health MSc programme at TalTech to further advance her skills and career development. …

Today we are talking about Technology Governance and Digital Transformation MA programme with Christopher Fraser, an international student from Canada, who is about to graduate. In 8 steps Christopher will tell you about his background, programme choice and its contents, as well as to whom he would recommend studying it.

Christopher Fraser in Tallinn

My interests in the relationship between public administration and technology come from two influences. First, I spent the better part of a decade building a career in the public sector as a policy professional. This gave me good insights into how governments work and the many problems facing governments in dealing with a rapidly changing world. Second, having grown up in Canada’s Arctic, I have lived experiences of massive changes in technology in my personal life and the communities I called home. Furthermore, my career outside of the public sector was with a satellite-based telecommunications company where I helped work…

Nazrin Huseynzade from Azerbaijan graduated from International Business Administration (BA)

Nazrin didn’t plan to come to Estonia at first, but now she couldn’t have been happier about her choice. During her Bachelor’s she became more confident and doesn’t fear presentations and other forms of public speaking anymore. She also started working in logistics and would like to take some time off from studies to pursue her career development.
Nazrin’s thoughts on her study years, the things she will miss about TalTech, her life in Estonia and some tips for current students in today’s material .

I would say that the moment I received my TalTech acceptance letter was one of…

Rob Schubert from the Netherlands has graduated from Digital Health MSc programme.

During two years of his Master’s he has discovered and made himself home in a new country, met a number of great international people and even founded a startup with his course mates. Here is Rob’s reflection on his study years, the course of his life, the opportunities he took and the plans he is making for the future.

Rob Schubert

I’ve met so many international and local friends, explored the surrounding and was positively surprised how beautiful is Estonia. I admit I knew way too little about it before coming.
There are of course so many things and events to remember…

Ekaterina Mikhaylik has recently graduated from International Business Administration programme (BA).

She was born in Estonia but spent the majority of her life in Ukraine and therefore rather laughs at the where-are-you-from question. Ekaterina is the youngest employee at one of the startups in Tehnopol, she is full of energy, stories and ideas.
In today’s material Ekaterina talks about her student life, recalls a number of funny situations and reflects on what she will miss about TalTech and what she will do next.

Ekaterina Mikhaylik

One of the funny memories that came to my mind is about the Korean festival. I like Korean culture and music, and when my mate said that in…

Kirsten Woods, Fernando Guime Toral, Elena Shirokova and Francisco Tienda are four new-coming international TalTech students, who will start their education at TalTech in coming September. What motivated them to decide to come to Estonia, how they chose their study programmes and what they expect from their new life — in today’s material.

Kirsten Woods

I live in the U.S.A.! I’m in a funny place of transition at the moment. I just finished up a year’s worth of work at a local grocery store, but now I’m off to do a lot of travel across the states. For now, I’m converting a cargo van into a tiny house. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been a really rewarding experience. My interests tend to bounce around with the seasons, but I love playing music.

Svitlana Kharchenko

Immigrant and traveler. Info yoga and all things sustainable. Foreign languages and countries enthusiast.

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